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Ranch Manager

By Lion Edge Technologies Inc.

Welcome to Lion Edge Technologies! Lion Edge is a family-run business established in August of 1999. We create, develop and produce our Livestock management software in-house.


It all began with our Cattle Edition software, which was first created to manage our family’s ranch operation.  Soon after creating our Cattle software, customers requested ranch management software such as Sheep software, Goat Software, Equine Software, Deer Software and Elk Software.  Lion Edge introduces new features and products based on customer needs. Our customers and products have grown to include the Canine Edition (Dog Software for purebred dogs and livestock guardian dogs), the Camelid Edition for our Alpaca and llama producers and the Mobile Edition, mobile livestock software for Apple iPhone, and iPad devices.


What makes us different?  Lion Edge Technologies strives to keep livestock software affordable, current and easy to use.  We actively listen to users’ ideas and create new features based on customer requests.


In keeping with technology and industry trends, Lion Edge is a leader in innovation.


Our design philosophy is to provide innovative software solutions that mirror the way you run your business.


  • Lion Edge has the most innovative mobile livestock software design for Apple iPhone, and iPad devices.
  • A “true” Macintosh OS X version of all our desktop livestock software
  • Our user interface looks like it should in each operating system for both Windows, and Mac OS X computers.
  • (EID) Electronic ID interface with Allflex Wand Readers and IDology wand readers for animal identification (RFID)
  • CCIA age verification interface for Canadian Producers (submit birth dates to the CCIA website)
  • Conforms to NAIS animal identification for US operations (including farm premise ID and RFID, radio frequency identification)


Our latest release, Ranch Manager Open, takes our software to a new level, making it affordable and Open to everyone!  Our licensing has become simplified, with no-cost to get started.


Ranch Manager ® Software was built and tested by ranchers. Ranch Manager is affordable because everything is created in-house and we pass the savings on to you. We understand the costs of ranching and the necessity of having a quality affordable ranch management program. It is our goal to bring you easy to use and highly effective software that makes your life easier. Our products are simple to use and will be a valuable tool in your operation.


Your feedback is important to us. Please participate on our support community. By asking questions and answering others, you make Ranch Manager better!


Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your interest!


Lion Edge Technologies staff

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Lion Edge Technologies is Family Owned & Operated